Data breach of a child by DS Andy Langton

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Detective Sergeant Andy Langton of Skelmersdale CID

The IPCC (now IOPC) ruled DS Langton must face a disciplinary panel.  Lancashire police REFUSED to do this.  What is the point of the IOPC.

UPDATE A civil claim is now underway.

UPDATE Now reported in the Liverpool Echo.

UPDATE Now reported in the local news.


ds-andy-langton-lancashire-police-bad-appleRotten apple, DS Andy Langton of Lancashire CID, intentionally leaked private and confidential information to a police informer named Paul Turner about my ‘children’, 11 and 13 year old crime victims.

The sole purpose DS Andy Langton did this was to cause harassment to the innocent family of the child.

It is understood that DS Andy Langton is or was the Police handler for this Police Informer/web troll who he gave the info to.

The troll & police informer is Paul Turner from Eskdale, Skelmersdale who now lives with his Mum like most sad trolls.  It is believed that Paul Turner has left the country.

Evidence of Paul Turner’s status as a Police Informer was presented, and proven, in Chorley Magistrates Court as well as two recorded Police conversations and an email from police.

Paul Turner and Lancashire Police have an ongoing vendetta against my family because I reported that Paul Turner, the police informer threatening to kill his family.  Paul Turner was given an official harassment warning by Police for the threats to kill, but not charged?

The confidential and sensitive information about the children was gained by DS Andy Langton who was assigned as the investigating officer supposedly to ‘help the family’.

The family had no idea that DS Langton was associated to the web troll (police informer), Paul Turner

DS Langton passed this confidential information to Paul Turner who then published it on his personal hate website, and kept it visible for over 3 months.  He did this by posting it to a secure server in Panama!

The children’s parents made desperate pleas to Lancashire Police to do something but they refused. They also contacted Clive Grunshaw, the Police commissioner, but he ignored them and even went so far as blocking them on Facebook.

Paul Turners personal hate website was hosted in Panama, central America, known for its website fraud and anonymity online.

The website was protected by numerous layers of security commonly used by trolls, to avoid any form of access to bring the site down.

The website was hosted with the sole intention of causing as much damage to the victim and his family as possible.

The Police refused to intervene

Police failed to intervene to have the data breach of a child removed (data that Police themselves had disclosed) causing severe alarm and distress to my innocent young children.

Police were aware that it was DS Andy Langton who was responsible for the data breach of a child from the beginning.

Lancashire Police was the source of the data breach and did NOTHING to help my family.

My wife and I provided the  ‘clueless Police investigator‘ (PS Carman Whittle of Skelmersdale Police), with the address of the Police Informer.

Paul Turner, the troll,  (as most trolls do) lives at home with his Mum & Dad on Eskdale, Skelmersdale.

The troll was only then asked for a voluntary interview where he was ‘allegedly’ asked by Police to remove the malicious website, not before the damage was done.



data breach of a child referred to IPCC

Detective Sergeant Andy Langton of Skelmersdale Police has ‘admitted‘ the data breach of the children.

Lancashire Police has admitted that the data breach of the children was ‘severe‘,  yet they did nothing about it.

The IPCC have upheld the complaint and the Police have been ordered to re-investigate.

We have been informed that DS Andy Langton has requested copies of all evidence against him from PSD who have obliged. As DS Langton is the defendant, why has he been provided with the evidence!

DS Langton has made a feeble excuse, (a blatant lie which is currently undisclosed) for the disclosure.  The data disclosure is under investigation by the ICO (information comissioners office) and a private barrister who is overlooking the case.

Inspector Charlie Cox of Lancashire Police personally decided that the only punishment for this severe data breach of my children was words of advice for Detective Sergeant Andy Langton of Skelmersdale Police. Even though the crime is clearly Gross Misconduct and ‘unlawful’ (illegal), Inspector Charlie Cox appears neck deep in corruption allegedly feels this is acceptable.

Even though the crime is clearly Gross Misconduct and ‘unlawful’ (illegal), Lancashire Police has continued to protect the troll (Police Informer) Paul Turner.

Data breach of a child

Data breaches are serious, even more so are data breach of children.

This is now being investigated by the ICO who have stated that Lancashire Police breached Principle 1 of the Data Protection Act and that the data was not fairly or lawfully disclosed.

At the time of writing, the ICO have sent repeated requests to Lancashire Police relating to this but Lancashire Police failed to reply to them.

Chief Constable Steve Finnigan
Chief Constable Steve Finnigan

The decision to take ‘no further action’ against DS Andy Langton has been appealed to Chief Constable Steve Finnigan of Lancashire Police.

The Chief Constable, Steve Finnigan who is as bent as his force, backed his corrupt officers.

Lancashire Police has recently been fined £70,000 in 2011 for a breach against a 15-year-old girl, the ICO stated: “The loss of this information and the news that it had been leaked to a local newspaper is likely to have been extremely distressing for all involved”.  Lancashire Police Lancashire Constabulary has signed an undertaking committing the organisation to take action to keep the personal information it handles, secure.

The victims family have said “All we want is justice. DS Andy Langton should face a Misconduct Hearing and also be charged with criminal data breach and harassment, no Police officer should be above the law”.


UPDATE: 2/6/2016:

We have been notified that a local media outlet has made enquiries to Lancashire Police Press Office regarding this investigation into DS Andy Langton and awaiting a release of information from them. We will provide a link to this published article when it is made available.


UPDATE 22/6/2016: IPCC has upheld this complaint. DS Andy Langton is now under investigation. This time, a thorough investigation will take Place overlooked by IPCC.  A petition will soon be set up to ensure that the correct justice is delivered.


Final update.  The IOPC found that the data breach was SO SERIOUS that DS Andy Langton should face a disciplinary panel.  Lancashire police REFUSED to do this, so begs the question, what is the point of the IOPC.  A civil claim is now underway, this story will them be published in the main steam media



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